Jesus and the Samaritans. Don't prejudge anyone out of heaven for no one is beyond God's grace.

Stand Firm in Your Faith - No Spiritual Sleepwalking Allowed!

Elder Dave • Thanksgiving - Various Scriptures • 11/19/23

Are You Ready for the Rapture? • Various Scripture Verses

Handling God's Treasures with Care

Your Personal Resurrection Explained

The Difference the Resurrection Makes

The Difference the Resurrection Makes

Exactly What Is the Gospel???

Growing Up Regarding Spiritual Gifts, Silence & Submission


The Priority for Your Spiritual Gifts - Building Up Others in Love!

Though Spiritual Gifts Will Fail, Love Must Prevail!

Is Our God Big Enough?

The Most Excellent Way - With Love

Basic Truths About Spiritual Gifts #2

Basic Truths About Spiritual Gifts

Worthy is the Lamb!

Men, Women, Authority, Submission and . . . Head Coverings

What Kind of People Ought We Be?

Principles for Christ-centered Decision-making

Don't Think This Couldn't Happen to You!

Christian authenticity is being tested -- Do we truly treasure God's Word -- Are we passionately mirroring God's wisdom in serving our community?